Saturday, August 2, 2014

Grab Readers with Spicy Content!

Spice it up with Graphics 

Want to sprinkle in a few graphics with your next post? is my go to site when I want to create an infographic in a pinch or add a bit of flavor to a post. This site is a huge win for those of us without photoshop skills! 

They make it easy to select a pre-sized design template.
This relieves us all from spending hours of precious time resizing photos.

 I'm impressed by the variety of images, fonts, and icons! They have a graphic for every occasion, majority of them are free and premium graphics are $1.00. 

So, go on and begin dazzling everyone with your beautiful posts
 and presentations!! 

Enjoy the weekend- Kimberly

Sunday, March 2, 2014

99designs- My review

Tips and Tricks from my experience using 99designs
Build a design brief
Tip: Browse logos from completed contest for inspiration. 
Read the design briefs of the logos that catch your eye and use similar descriptive words for your brief. 

I took my chances on the silver package. To my surprise, I received 292 designs from 62 different designers.
With that in mind, 50% of them were nothing near my design brief. However, I was able to see a variety of great designs.
In total I paid $538- This includes a $39 private contest fee to have designers sign a Non-Disclosure Agreement.  

I posted my contest at around 11pm and by 7am the next morning I had 15 designs waiting for me.
Over the duration of the contest I realized a theme of most designers working over night and a new batch
of designs waiting the next morning. 

Feedback is a must! I literally sat around the computer all day long steering the designers to my vision.
Try to respond or provide feedback to all of your designers. This may seem like a large task, but it will be 
worth it at the end. You don't want your designers going too far off track and bringing others with them.  

Picking the winner was fairly easy. It's almost like love at first sight,  only with a few revisions in between.
After you announce the winner you and the winning designer sign a copyright agreement and begin the "handoff".
During handoff the designer will provide you with your logo in the formats that you request. 

Full disclosure- At the time I had no idea what formats I needed so I asked my designer to provide me with every format possible!! I am absolutely thrilled with my final logo design and it completely embraces the ethos of my future company!

Friday, February 21, 2014

Pre-Start Up Resources

Pre-Start up life. Somewhere between concept and debut.  That's where I sit today.  I'm hoping my post will meet someone who is in the same seat and save them some hours of research and maybe from a few mistakes. Just a disclaimer i'm still learning and 5 years from now I may read this post and think " Wow, I was totally wrong".  With that said here are a few pointers and resources that i've stumbled upon so far..

This site offers templates and documents galore, some free and some you pay for.. But, I was reeled in by all the free resources they have available. It's actually a great marketing concept. They offer  startups a plethora of resources and in return gain a loyal audience.  

Resources available: Step by step guides, videos, and tools on everything from Business plans to Marketing. 

This site was literally the first resource I stumbled upon that provided comprehensive content and I still reference their site today! 


- Founderette